#NaPoWriMo: Day 14


Remember Lost Angeles?
Pan dulce from
the corner marker,
the neon lit taco trucks,
and all those
passing strangers?
Some faces stay
with me, like a
mountain view,
like our apartment
window view
of other mirrored
windows across the way,
and that solitary
blue balloon
that reminded me
to grieve my lonesomeness

Remember the repetitive
weeks, the call
of salesmen in
the streets, the cry of the
ambulance that took me away?
The sky was on
fire that day
and I was
the only one
who felt the burn

I remember
being found the most,
when I was
nearly a ghost,
but you battled
through utter madness
to save me

I thank you
and now I ponder
that old valley
and wonder
how it would look
from above

I fell in love,
the western kind,
the clay red
blush of a face
smiling at me
as I awake
from a cyclone dance

We took a chance
and now all our
sunsets are fragile,
all mornings
have meaning,
all the vast
desert spaces
outshine the cities

The mighty orange
rays beat down
on us,

Published by Jennifer Patino


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