#NaPoWriMo: Day 19


You gathered
moss-covered gravestones,
& I warned you
about residual energy
& curses,
but still admired them,
& now we have them stacked
around us
like those bed sheet forts

Nothing protected us then,
& we’re so much more
vulnerable now,
living our
paralleled lives
across the miles

You’re in the same
hospital bed
I was, with the same
anxious about
similar symptoms,
& hearing
a chorus of voices,
all real to you,
& no one is singing

I didn’t mean to jinx you,
little brother, I didn’t mean
to leave you so far behind
I didn’t mean to forget
about the twigs we collected
for the mini pirate lodgings
or the band we almost started

I’m there now
in that breeze
under the door
There are no
windows where you’re at
& I have my shades drawn

Life is a tomb, little brother
The good news is,
one can rise again
The proof is in our
bloodline, little brother

Hold on
Hold on to the hem

Published by Jennifer Patino