#NaPoWriMo: Day 23

Poem inspired by “Spring Haze” by Tori Amos

Spring Haze

counting on it all
coming back around
like strewn seeds

the dandelion fields
hold splendor
& the May sky speaks

she reaches for the last
bit of marrow in the twilight,
by dawn she’ll be

a withered sparrow,
face kissed by moth wings,
swimming in dew drops

on the back lawn,
still inhaling
the magic of the night

before the sensation
of apathy took hold,
after the numbness returned

rinse & repeat, like seasons,
like recycled trauma,
waiting for the last

exhalation before
facing a sun beam
head on, squinting

to see oblivion
in the bottom of the bottle,
in the clear light of everything

Published by Jennifer Patino


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