#NaPoWriMo: Day 26

And Then the Timeline Overlaps


thirteen / sage advice to avoid thorny patches /

playing in mud fields / believing true love sprouts /

in between rough edges / palm tree sway /

conversations about hips / conversations about

catching up / they say / my body is rejecting becoming

a woman / having not yet bled


seventeen / wondering what it means /

to be made aware of / pieces of me /

shuddering / shamed / at the age of seven


twenty-one / being alone is heaven /

breathing again / in the absence of men /

women told me of wolves / I believed

them / I didn’t know / I was being beaten /

eaten / that my petals were muddied /

my knees / bloodied / I carried sin /

in my school bag / my secrets in

scrawled crayon / the truth / hidden from all /

in freshly stapled skin / I had a razor /

etching names / within


twenty-eight / little fish / can’t swim /

still gutted / splayed by familiar eyes /

small bones jutted / against /

adult sized jeans / being afraid /

that I was hurting him / the dust beneath /

him / scattered / shattered / for nearly

a decade / I couldn’t find me /

I still roam / collecting glass shards

of myself / keeping my fractured

heart on a shelf / echoes of crying /

ring from the closet / I hear them /

when I try sleeping / I pretend /

they don’t sound like me

Note: I posted a few lines from these on my Twitter & finished polishing up the whole piece for today’s post. This one has been the hardest to write so far this month, but I’m really glad it turned out how I wanted it to.

Published by Jennifer Patino