#OctPoWriMo Day 5

Call It Stitching

seek to cinch sutures
binding all healing
before the next instance
of being shredded apart

o heart, beat faintly
so I know that through
the silence of mending
you are still here with me

from dust we are still creating,
piling ashes to pen lines,
traces of destruction
that translate beautifully

in the glow of fire light;
messages miscommunicated:
snapped synapses intercept
the fight for sustainability

succumb to numbness
and in that absence
every gentle whisper
is a touch remembered

hold on to the feeling
of having surrendered
until the storm passes
and windblown fragments

conjoin to form a new defense —
a fortress around a shattered soul,
a guard scaling fresh skin,
a new way to battle from within

Published by Jennifer Patino


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