#OctPoWriMo Day 7

Peering Through the Birds-Eye

an ocular view of what
pain has taught me:

I bear it all
in lighting flashes,

in lack of intimacy
due to poor depth perception

a caul around me
tries to prevent me

from seeing beyond myself
and into what is

truly coming
through you,

from you, an abundance
of sympathy and I

still love from this shell,
from this unknown territory

forgive me for not following
every strain of conversation,

for still attempting to
understand the “whys”

though I accept
the suffering

tides of the illness
flow and ebb,

abate and

until I am blinded
by the exit light

that blinks for me,
a way out — off and on

I’m hanging on
to the loose threads

of the tattered
life-web, still learning

even through the
consuming darkness

and the
tender burning

Published by Jennifer Patino


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