#OctPoWriMo Day 10

Someday There Will Be No Smoke Trail

once, my brother,
you were a small spark,
we’d only suffer
a shock from
touching you

you grew to be
a raging bonfire,
out of control,
tearing through
the woods, inconsolable

we chased your inferno,
roaring & waning,
sputtering, rekindled
again & again
(your wildfire spread with no end)

last we spoke,
you were up in smoke,
inner voices fanning,
twin flames spanning
the flatline rasping,
forgive me, I’m still grasping

for some kindling that I know,
& at bitter ashes
that won’t leave me alone,
for a vision of what comes after
the dark consumes the light you once were

Published by Jennifer Patino


24 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo Day 10

    1. Yes, it is. He’s had a very rough time the past few years struggling with severe mental health issues. He’s not using, but things are very bad right now and all I can do is hope and pray he can receive real help soon.

      Thank you for your comment. ❤


  1. The emotion comes charging through with these powerful images, Jennifer. I love how you started with the spark and ended with looking for the kindling that might have caught that same spark. Thank you. xoA

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  2. This is heart wrenching and beautiful. It’s good to read you again Jennifer. After all these years. I know we had our differences during that whole literary mafia thing, but I apologise. I was foolish and naive then. I offer my hand in friendship.

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    1. Thanks, Nitin. It’s all good. We worked it out in email. You’ve already been forgiven & no worries at all. I tried looking for you when I came back. I took a long break from blogging too. But I’m glad you found me!

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    1. He’s not well, unfortunately. He’s been in prison for awhile. He should be in a mental health facility, but he got caught up in an awful system during a bad time. We’re advocating for him as a family & hopefully we will hear good news about his status next month. Thanks for reading.

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