#OctPoWriMo Day 16

Missing You is a Wound

without fail,
crunching leaves
send me spiraling
toward halcyon days

fields of home
call to me
from behind the veil
of desert Autumn haze

every season here
is exactly the same,
& the fading pulse
of my soul
has a deep craving for change

last night I dreamed
of melting faces,
both strange
& familiar,
& I awoke
smelling the smoke
from a world afire

I don’t believe
there was ever
a true end in sight
for anything,
just suddenness
& subtle fading,
& realization
of how much
space one takes up,
or how quickly time
has rushed by

I’m so far behind,
treading dust storms
in confusion over
which present year it is

emptiness can
crowd you, loneliness
can drown you

I’ve never been
more afraid of all
I’ve come to know

I’ll never trust
a forecast
that doesn’t involve
falling snow

again, again,
all I want
is to finally
feel home

Published by Jennifer Patino