New Poem

A Day Like a Trinity,
Three in One to Blame


when every flip of the calendar
is like a tarot card turn –
excitement mixed with doom,
anticipation of gloom

the cry of the loon read as an omen,
but I can’t hear it in this gritty city
where nature has been added in,
scattered amongst the neon lights
& sin

to make people complain of
more allergens

(you see we’re just not used to it)


I make these plans to write –
like a “real writer” – to sit
at a desk or a table
in a sweater with a cup
of hot tea & a ceramic skull
beside me –
tailored playlists to set my
mood, my tone, my scene

but damn, that’s just not me

I create from the fetal position
with my body & splitting head
screaming for me to stop,
but I can’t listen

even after my hands become
aching, gnarled tree roots,
stubborn, protruding from
the damp earth

do people deserve my words? –
the sum of my worth & sacrifice,
my life blood spilled – I give it,
let it flow freely – this stream
of rusty well water

because pain makes a poem shine,
makes it punch, creates faith
in a temporary cure

completion makes me forget
for a brief moment, it’s a
short term salve, a serious
slow burn, & a small
writing session
is still an exorcism

it requires a cool down,
it demands a long rest


I have come to expect
the days blending &
seeping into the gaps
between my metacarpals,

to lose my grip
on every tangible
& intangible device
I try to grasp onto

to wake up in the same room

(for once)

& feel blessed I still have a ghost of a mind
to imagine some newness,
to transform the same old thing
into a sunbeam
that’ll blind me later
once I give myself
enough time to forget
it exists

it’ll be like this,
my poet life, & I won’t complain
about that, no never about that,
because they’ll say I’m brave
about something
having exposed my wounds
on a daily basis
to be smothered
by the salt of held back tears

another hour, another thing
to fear, another page
dissolving when I touch it,
another day
X-ed away
with my scrawled script
left behind as evidence

Published by Jennifer Patino