neck of pinpricks,
each one bearing your name,
an uttered dream dialogue
running like a ticker tape
through my head

I emerge with early birds,
I have no sleep schedule,
I reside in the in-between,
in overlapping waves,
within multi dimensional intuition,

but I confuse every realm
when I think of you
telling me who to be
in a flash of blue,
with a deep cut, a sacred wound


you hinder healing,
you salivating tyrant
stalking through plastered hallways,
dousing my lights
with your clipboard clicking,
nothing’s ever all right,
so unplug me with your authority,
and let me die completely


I desire golden dreams
but settle for silver,
I want alchemic transitions
so I head north,
following salmon
(who are really men)
like a territorial snow bunny

My voice cracks like ice on the phone,
I hear a bear in your background
(who is really a man);
I breathe beaches
into the receiver,
I sing in gulf waves
hoping they’ll sweep you home

Published by Jennifer Patino