death’s horse
kicks up sand
into an untrained eye,

an onyx vision
while white doves
witness from the parapet

sun shimmers
in the distance,
a twirling medallion
dangling from the wrist
of a hypnotist

dizzying forest, where
black robes gather
& are mistaken for oak trees

the madame of the house
has no wish to be
a victim
of sacrificial mist

she is darting
along with the dusted eye,
between horrific reality
& a need to cry

fearing to die from
nightmare, from bewitched
projectiles, javelin
tree branches
with warnings
carved into them

awake, awake
before it’s too late
& the night becomes familiar

smoldering cross branches,
shaped deliberately,
a silhouette of a hand
reaching, desperate to grasp
a last smoke stream of faith

now she is a wraith
reaped for next year’s harvest,
a good crop omen
lost to the wood

so good,
so very, very good

Published by Jennifer Patino


14 thoughts on “Hecatomb

  1. THIS is so good.
    And I love that it was fueled by “Eye of the Devil” — not exactly a famous film but I totally remember the creepy atmosphere, and that cast! (Sharon Tate & David Hemmings… 🖤)

    Liked by 1 person

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