“Future Sources of Temptation and Supply”

Future Sources of Temptation and Supply*

In this walk-up there is

plenty of evidence of escalation

See: Hypertension medication

Pacing as a favorite pastime,

time killing time, having about 22

different ways to contact someone,

still terrified by every one of them

Addiction to entertainment

often leads to a vacant avenue

Collecting change with a lint roller,

riches in cushions, behind the mirror

Spotlights shine on liquid color

Still waiting here, the walls begin to crawl

Two different things happening at once

is too much, but better than nothing at all

* Title from ‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace

(August 9, 2019)

Published by Jennifer Patino


8 thoughts on ““Future Sources of Temptation and Supply”

  1. The last couplet is genius. I’ve been wondering what to read next after I finished ‘The Glass Bead Game’. I never finished ‘Infinite Jest’ during my first run but it had so much in it, so I think I just found what to read – I’m gonna try to tackle it again.

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    1. Thanks, Cypress! I hope the second time goes better. It’s a book I know I’ll look at differently when I read it again. Taking it slowly will probably be better too because I remember reading a lot of it in one day was just too much to try to process.

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  2. A deep and powerful poem! Also, a bit scary as “the walls begin to crawl”! Your poems are so good Jennifer that in almost every one of them you manage to capture the feeling of our times! I think that’s a great thing!

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