Some Spring Poem

Some Spring Poem

Gone are the comfort
of winter sweaters,
now replaced
by the airy muslin
of the Spring death shroud…

                They describe the poet
                as a spectre, in petaled
                terms, floral notes,
                like they can taste him.

Before he died he told me
the world would eat saplings
like me alive.

                 Wan and wriggling
                 in this vale of tears,
                 hooked on fleeting
                 flowers, on dusk light
                 over empty fields.

Of earthworms we are,
to earthworms we shall return…

Food for analyzation,
critics with the crusts
cut off.   From a distance
the poet dons horns
and a halo.   The crowd
licks their lips.

                  Marauder with a mouth-
                  piece.   All we are.
                  The masses.   One
                  collective mouthpiece.

Picking their teeth with the poor…

                   More.  Bread crumbs.  More.
                   More.  More.

They peck eyes.   Pat
unfulfilled stomachs
for all eternity.

                    I wait for them to
                    spit him out.   In
                    pieces   that I’ll
                    feed to my young.

(March 28, 2019)

Published by Jennifer Patino


15 thoughts on “Some Spring Poem

  1. From this post’s title and photo, I was prepared for a poem of rebirth, growth, warmth. But your poem goes in a different direction, and I liked the surprise. Such rich descriptions: poet as sampling, flower, demon, angel. And the audience waiting to eat — but, sadly, their stomachs remain unfulfilled. It made me think of those who keep wanting more, of not being satisfied. A sad state of not taking the time to feel gratitude.

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    1. This poem really does have weight, love it 🙂

      Worms have littered the pavements on our school runs this past week. 🤔 There’s probably something profound in there I’ll regurgitate this month 😉 so glad you introduced me to NaPo, big hugs!! Xxx

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  2. I found this poem to be wild and interesting in its very offbeat idiom! This is different from other poems of yours I’ve read, and I felt its jazzy logic to be refreshing! You’re writing about this dead poet, and you are able to convey the power of poetry extremely well here! Really enjoyed reading this!

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