#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 3 : “DustLand”


the gravel in my neck
keeps me straightforward,
eyes on the road ahead,
but I’m going nowhere

here, in DustLand,
dry isn’t just a season,
it’s a way of life,
& like all good survivors,

we adapt, blood
turns to sand,
eyes film over
to protect themselves

from seeing too much
too closely; listen –
you can hear the
desert’s secrets

on cue, at dusk –
a soft rustling, flutters
of distant laughter,
moth wings so big they flap,

swooping bats, & a
low roaring wind,
mountain scented,
hot air, thick & stifling

the cotton in my throat
keeps me silent, mind
on the road ahead, but still,
I’m going nowhere

Published by Jennifer Patino


19 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 3 : “DustLand”

  1. I agree with Just Another Writer about the post-apocalyptic setting of your poem: You’ve distilled one of those kind of stories down to the essence. We don’t need details of the reason for the world-changing event, or how many survivors are left. The important thing is the transformed mindset of a survivor, and the hopelessness of going nowhere.

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  2. This hits me where I live. You and I see the desert differently but I often wonder why it’s solace for me even when it hurts; if it’s self-harm I could just as easily crave a frozen landscape (and being a Wisconsin native I’ve got plenty of shots at that for much of the year). This poem is making me ponder that. Beautiful job. ♡

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  3. Brings to my mind lizards and muses fluttering at the peripherals and a Jungian Christ tangling with thoughts of his father in solitude. But that’s my thought spaghetti spiraling 😉 hugs to you X

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  4. A marvellous poem! You are able to the convey the feeling of this poem so well! I mean travelling through the desert, and the internal emotions too! I felt I was in your place and could experience everything! I think it takes great skill to write like this! Simply awesome!

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