#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 10 : “The Intercept”

The Intercept

sometimes we travel
in between dreams
within dreams, better than
waking weeping
over our failing bodies,
yes, it’s much better
to stay asleep

there you are, buying
peanuts for the interstellar
train ride, we run into a man
we only know by voice
at the depot

he leads us to our
correct car, see,
we’re always lost,
wandering, pacing
in circles, intersecting
other dreamers
who are here
to find their way too

& are we still here?
at the not quite
there yet? picking
ourselves up
with every fallback,
helping to pull
the slack, giving some
when needed, generally
laying off
each other’s backs

no one’s perfect, we
learn to be fine
with that, avoiding
the numbers game,
the rat race, this
odd space where
humans are fine
with their names
becoming brands

by sea, by land,
on a dream beach,
surfing dream channels,
crests of waves
birth magical creatures
that delight us, remind us
that there’s no place
like another person
who feels like a home

Published by Jennifer Patino