#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 14 : “Noodin (This Wind)”

Noodin (This Wind)

the one that sweeps in, carrying
the last of the winter spirits home

that bustles in to scatter life
in all directions, budding creation,
stirring us to join in & build
our own dreams, make ourselves

that’s the wind calling to me
outside my window tonight

a city wind bringing
tastes of calmer lands,
but with a roaring sound
so you have to listen
to it to really feel that

a scent of desert tinged
with flora, notes of mountain,
rattling window panes & bones

it’s the wind
making me feel
I’m settling
on some idea
only to shatter
into six different tangents
that I’ll chase
like dandelion seeds

it’s carrying
a fear of fire
on it, one of caution,
one of care

it’s the one that
reminds me
of how far
I’ve flown,
how easily
I am carried away too

this wind
is jarring company,
a welcome whirl,
a teacher,
a friend,
a voice
I miss
even when
I don’t realize it

this wind
is a reflection
of me

I don’t always
need to be seen,
you feel me?

Note: “noodin” means “strong wind” in Ojibwemowin.

Published by Jennifer Patino


12 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 14 : “Noodin (This Wind)”

  1. I love the wind. Among all the natural elements, wind/air is the one I seem to connect most strongly with. To me, the wind is powerful yet gentle. It can roar, it can whisper. It can touch us, it can shake the foundations of our life. And maybe most of all, the wind is its own free spirit. We can emulate it, perhaps, but we can never really tame it.

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