#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 16 : “Take Your Pick”

Take Your Pick

it’s dead silent
in the dream world,
but there’s
incessant babble
from the mouth
of panic

we’re filling up on
the sensory, inhaling
the color wheel
before bedtime,
falling away
to the sound
of French cinema

the path to wellness
can be a peace offering
or a total miserable bitch

I wish I could
say more than
just “I know”

every absent hour
calls forth the
worry ghosts
hanging around
the corners of
glazed eyes

under watch,
under lock,
choking on
a swallowed key

the ticker screams,
every armchair analyst
feels the need to
spam the feed

time to burrow down deep, dear
time to face the tangible reality,
it found us
while we weren’t looking

it found us happy,
high, and free

it’s pushed us from the peak

Published by Jennifer Patino


10 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 16 : “Take Your Pick”

  1. This poem reached me on different levels. I really enjoyed the absorbing of color and cinema sound before bedtime in trying to spice the dreams that became silent. Then I took the ending as the dreams might have flown unrealistically high, and a realistic grounding could be helpful. For me, there’s a swaying between those: fantasizing about what could be, then reminders of limitations inside myself and around me. Also, you’ve made it more than halfway through daily poems in April! Congrats!

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  2. “Inhaling the color wheel”… You know, I get these by email and I think those show the poem structure as you intended; the way you actually shaped this one is even more powerful. WordPress needs to show more love to the poets who keep it running!

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    1. Yeah, on mobile it’s always messed up. I also despise the block editor. My last blog, I was always able to experiment with form with no issue. Now I have to kind of tailor them to a way I know WP will display it properly. It’s annoying, but if I need to make a graphic of a poem to format it how I want, that’s always an option. Thank you for reading!

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    2. I hear you about the block editor, I always switch back to the classic one! Hoping they don’t scrap that option, but then again it often goes haywire too.

      I look at colourful crochet on Instagram before bed, but my mind always goes in a different direction once I close my eyes…

      Great poem X

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