#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 20 : “Divisum”


troubled, these inner waters
poisoned by outside influence
seek an escape, a drain,
but there’s a block
in front of
a welcoming duct

sign above the healing door
blurs through tears, & all
a soul seeks is some cleansing
but the body needs a trial by fire
to prove its own worth

answers are always
in another’s palms,
hope for capability
& knowledge of the
knife thrower is a
fragile thing to cling to
but we have to

there’s a season for withering
& we’re in it, this boat rocks
& terrifies, the delicate heart
begs to live
& we can feel its thunder,
its insistence

we learn we can breathe
under water, through this
metaphorical squall,
this whirling, rapid pool

surfacing will feel like
a rebirth or a rescue,
a deserved reprieve,
a breath that
produces no pain,
a godsend

punctured, this raft
can see a sealant,
& it’s very
close at hand

Published by Jennifer Patino


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