#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 24 : “Accumulation”


for a few days pressing clouds
began to gather in the brain

every space feels lost, the vessel
on autopilot isn’t quite sure

what it’s doing, consciousness
feels borderline, one blink

can make time wander, go to
that place that must have been

filled with something, some
activity, some minutes

counted to avoid ennui,
wisps of thought billowing,

building up until they are
felt in the bloodstream,

filtered through damaged kidneys,
released through a fluttering heart

a single breath is difficult, the swollen
joints groan, ignite pain sensors,

responding nerves retaliate
with even louder screaming, as in fire,

as an immolation, an exchange for
one moment of peace, relief

from this inherited agony —
there’s no moments left for that,

the consuming storm is here —
the shuddering body is battening down

Published by Jennifer Patino


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