#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 25 : “We Too Are Abrading”

We Too Are Abrading

scrub bubbles
as a simulation,
we’re wiping away
illness & bad days

dishes form a tower
we eye with disdain
because it’ll topple over
before we find
a bit of energy
hiding somewhere
to eliminate them

the roof’s caved in
& we’re swimming
in confusion, back to back
hospital visits, white coats
insisting they know nothing
while we beg them
to at least try

in between blood draws,
“you wash, I’ll rinse”
(can I dissolve down
the drain if I
focus long enough?)

stressing about domesticity
when there’s never
any visitors, counterproductive
to wellness, but you see
normalcy is the fad, the goal,
the failure bar, that thing
we’re trying to achieve
that’s so fleeting

I’m done, I leave the suds
in the sink, a dented plate
stack, I’m quitting
& every day fishing
for reasons to
not throw in the towel

there’s grime over everything
even if it’s shining,
there’s invisible enemies
everywhere, & they’ve
invaded our bodies

the water is rising
& I’m too tired
to care

Published by Jennifer Patino


5 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 25 : “We Too Are Abrading”

  1. It’s hard to escape the feeling that in the absence of normalcy there’s some kind of malevolence. I definitely feel I’m losing this war of attrition, too.

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