4 Poems @ Punk Noir Magazine

Check out my 4 poems over at Punk Noir Magazine today:

“In A House of Mirrors
All I Can See is Myself”

“The Damp”



Published by Jennifer Patino


21 thoughts on “4 Poems @ Punk Noir Magazine

    1. πŸ’• it was a weird statement without explanation, just throwing a wordy baby out the door πŸ₯Ί


      *violins over a scene of a scroll of parchment (with the top sagging) looking in on a cosy scene where three others are having a group hug with me*

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      1. Well, the last 3 are especially hard hitting, but it is more my finger hitting the wrong key on my mobile as meant 4. Just tried it and if hit 3 n 4 together it types 3. Yeah I’m that sad, I have boys🀣

        Linked In’s algorithm stalks me, however. “I can still feel in my teeth” spoke to me!!

        Antennae sprouting, blame buttering and feather taxidermy are class too. Yup, I loved them all 😘

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