#NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 29 : “Cruor”


her calm
the numbness
that escorts shock,
he’s reflected
in crimson tinted water,
a portrayal
of both the rush
& loss of motherhood options

assurance is needed,
but who can part lips
about the unspeakable?

words are swords
thrust deeper,
or if you’re lucky,
that alleviate

time is pressing,
the walls are beclouded
in her view, but he
is thinking
of Narcissus, both
the flowers
in his grandmother’s
garden & the myth,
& the terror
of doing something
so dangerous
as facing yourself
for the remainder
of your life

her voice, unlike that
of Echo, breaks
the spell of traumatism
before it attaches

she’s breathing along
with the reassuring
physician through
a spotty connection

& only then
does he move
to go warm up the car

Published by Jennifer Patino


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