#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 9: “She Is Me”

She Is Me

the dead give warnings
to the vulnerable,
the brink walkers,
the ethereal straddlers

the blind living
conjure explanations
to form more swallowable
reasons       believe the lie

carve elegies from death beds,
welcoming hymns & arms
extended toward a hopeful heaven,
it’s not easier to live with
an unformed gift

the ones who died with 
their eyes open were
at peace at last despite
a violent end, the ones

lurking over their heads
cowered at the soul’s light,
whatever sparks were left
after a skeptical dousing

Note: Inspired by Season 4, Episode 22
of  The X Files — “Elegy”

Image by SuperHerftigGeneral from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


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