#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 10: “In the Queue”

In the Queue

carrying on / chained by circumstance /
angel exploitation / call your corners
and recite your rotes / there’s no
nourishment here

crazed hummingbirds / what’s the buzz? /
air rushing from another world ringing
in the near-dead’s ears / enough to
make you color it all quits / enough to
unplug accordingly / paint peels 
and chemical exposure / there’s hardly
a face left to pin anything on

and Mary’s waterlogged / dragged to
doom by an acolyte of medicine / a saved
one leaning on destruction like a crutch /
her body is an alias / a stand-in / mannequin 
murders leave no evidence 

in the hall where the patients are stacked up /
breathing room is a luxury / morgue filed 
innocents spin for their turns

the doves were released at Mary’s funeral /
they hung around the old oaks because they
couldn’t leave her either / a cheesy made for TV
tune squeaked from speakers / everyone’s too tired 
to sing along / exhausted were the grave-
diggers / fatigue procession 

Mary can’t call the doctor anymore /
Mary’s fingers are frozen in
the waiting line

Photo by Tamilazhagan on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Patino


4 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 10: “In the Queue”

  1. I feel so terribly sorry for this Mary.
    But the writer of this is truly amazing. “She” makes me feel.
    Lovely. Thanks so much for posting. Keep up the great work this poetry writing month. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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