#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 18: “Heather Donahue in Voice-over”

Heather Donahue in Voice-over

Sharpening nails for the
final girl battle, scream
queens give stank eye. Pick
apart Heather’s flannel
and question her sexuality.
They want to borrow
her lip shade because
it’s autumnal. Want to
know what happened
when the cameras
were off. Want to know
if they can mimic her

No one offers Heather
a tissue or a bloody
shoulder. No one checks
her for ticks. They just
want the boys’ juicy secrets.
Cool girl Heather. A woodland
princess. Scotch mouthwash
and a last phone call home.
Curious Heather. Scouring
the bottoms of Gucci bags
for weed. Busted.

In this corner, a book of shadows.
In the other, Heather reading
aloud from the folklore,
wide eyed plastic dummies
at her feet. They hear her the
best. They animate for
the purpose of helping
her adjust her pack.
To hold her hand
as she crosses that river
for the eighth time.
To stand in the corners
of her studio apartment
to remind her of what’s

Heather pays no mind.
Heather polishes her own
weapons and smiles, steely-eyed.
She won’t forget the map this time.
Heather paints her face
in camouflage and smells
like a hunt. She flaunts
assertive posture. She
insists she knows her stuff.
Fixes every scattered pile of rocks.
The others primp
and pray to be enough.

Note: Inspired by The Blair Witch Project & my homegirl, Heather Donahue.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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