#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 30: “Tomatoes”


I sawed through
tomatoes in my sleep.
So many tomatoes,
clumps of their seeds
in piles because I pared them.
I didn’t want them. My fingers
bled because I didn’t care
about cutting my own skin
to rid myself of
those seeds. They were speaking
volumes to me.

I awoke and a sudden fear
of having a cerebral
aneurysm struck me. This is
the doctor prescribed
paranoia screaming at me
whenever I get a slight headache.
I mean, really, what isn’t
hereditary?      Worms in
the perfect fruit. Let’s
go down the disease checklist.
Let’s try to rub off our own
expiration dates.

A dream dictionary said
tomatoes are good luck. I don’t
believe in the concept, but I’m not
shocked I was slicing mine all up.
Something always is. Isn’t it
control we’re all after? Isn’t it
destruction that keeps us
ticking on?

We can’t help it. We’re bodies
seeking the thrill of being filled
and then quickly emptied once
we reach capacity. Humans and
their fears. Killers and their
consciences. Tear them at the root.
Stitch ourselves clean.

Image by Zan from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


22 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 2021 — Day 30: “Tomatoes”

      1. If only they tasted like the plants smell. I love the smell of a tomato plant! But they produce a fruit that tastes like a wet sock 😂


  1. Love that this poem challenges me to think. Gets me out of my comfort zone. Always have approached tomatoes with a bit of suspicion – nightshade family. Now I do enjoy eating them but it’s a recent thing. The history behind tomatoes – the nightshade family in general – is fascinating to me.

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  2. So real and yet, so surreal! This poem is so raw and powerful and profound! The way the words come at you, and how they are charged with meaning! This is the beauty of poetry. I wonder if this piece of writing could have been written in any other literary form!

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  3. Those little clumps of seeds really do look a bit like brains, don’t they! I love your poem, Jennifer. Especially the ending, it’s very strong. I get this sense of fear of what might be inside you and wanting to cut it out. Fear of the unknown or the inevitable. Fear that the unknown might be inevitable. The search for control of the uncontrollable.

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    1. Haha, they really do! Thank you Constance. That makes complete sense to me. Polycystic Kidney Disease means I have invader cysts all over major organs & of course I’d love for them to be gone. They’re in control in a way. I really love your interpretation. ❤

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