Seventh Generation Wake-Up Call

Seventh Generation Wake Up Call

what’s this film, this
warped, filthy lens
we’re expected to view
through?    this distortion
was learned, ingrained,
colonizer tactics
adopted & spread
like a vicious,
soul-destroying sickness

who taught you this?
this use of devices
of destruction against
your own people
in the name of
reclamation of
skewed reconciliation

       I remember when
       a face didn’t
       matter if the words
       it spoke were true
       to the heart

in a vision:
an ancestor cries out,
hands blindly grasping
in a whir of confusion
because no steadying solution
can be found

Mother isn’t in trouble,
but her children destroy
every place they live,
eat, drink, & breathe
because of greed

       they talk too much,

take divisive action,

       half a step forward,

twenty-two steps


they refuse understanding
of their own tribal teachings
in favor of declaring
the other their enemy

          who taught you this?

hatred as a heartbeat
silences the Earth drum,
the songs of unity
are ignored

       they made us separate,

       cut off, & we


in a vision:
another ancestor
with Seven Fires
flames for eyes
begs the people
to follow the light

       speak your tongue

& understand it,

       paint the whole world with it

unlearn their processes,
their quantums,

abandon their fight

remember who you are

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Patino


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