Meta-lomania Myopia, Desolate Dystopia

Meta-lomania Myopia,
Desolate Dystopia

we don’t talk of loneliness
because our fingertips
should feel comforted
by silicon

look at all this,
this social-ness,
opportunities to replace
a face with the next
best thing

       flawed facade / perfection

my home has walls
made of sliced bread
& they’re soft &
distant enough & no one
I miss knows where
to find me

       but, comfort!
       why leave that?

we don’t talk of loneliness
because we don’t even
listen to ourselves,
we engage a screen,
    tap it to see if it
    still breathes
& I pray to everything
I don’t die with
my head bowed over one

I make it known that I will
haunt-hack any digital
memorial imprinted
upon the m e t a v e r s e
in my honor

       & my avatar
       will be the monster
       in your nightmares

loneliness is a constant
companion & homesickness
is a fatal disease

they will discover
too many names
on my heart
& too many
faces in my
fizzing brain

they will find
    my hands
empty & reaching

       & they will
       close their metallic eyes,
       sigh, & comprehend

    they will finally

Image by Noupload from Pixabay

Note: I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Thanks so much for all of your support in 2021. Much Love.

Published by Jennifer Patino


25 thoughts on “Meta-lomania Myopia, Desolate Dystopia

    1. I am extremely grateful to have the option or else I’d be that much more lonely. It doesn’t compare for me though. I’ve lived far away from friends & family for too long probably. Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts.

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  1. What a superb poem! I loved the line, ‘we don’t talk of loneliness because we don’t even listen to ourselves…’ Aside from this, the poem expertly describes the lives of many of us who use the computer a lot! Your imagery is also stunning! ‘… fingertips should feel comforted by silicon…’ and ‘…my home has walls made of sliced bread…’ are some examples! Love the flow and the meaning of this poem! Awestruck! Happy New Year Jennifer! Wish you all the best for 2022! And thanks for all the support!

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  2. I really enjoy making connections on WordPress, there’s a beauty in finding kindred folks who live all over the place. But I agree that they don’t completely replace relationships where you sit with friends and chat and eat and drink and laugh. Happy New Year, and I wish you joy and comfort and inspiration for more poems.

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