Good Doctoring

Good Doctoring

we have ourselves a new specimen

     a great, doctored sphere of flesh
flailing on the aluminum

gorgeous, blurry surfaces, throbbing
in fight stance against the notion
of life

the green tinted spectacles are there
for the purpose of shielding

     flame pain from fluorescents
that the tattooed male nurse
with robotic eyes says
he is used to

everything is too clean, but
there are visible noses
that increase paranoia,
that exacerbate germophobia,

     that give me more to think about
that I never wanted to 
    more than I ever wanted to

I poke everything just to make sure
it’s functioning
     I pick scabs in layers
to know exactly what being an
obstacle to your own healing
looks like

we have ourselves a lucky day

     a positive prognosis,
a pat on the sore, newly jabbed
shoulder for not passing away today

mediocre narcotic effects fill my pores,
     but it’s weak & I think
some staff is laughing at me
because my legs dangle
from the     “bigger,
                 more comfortable
they’ve blown a vein on top
     of the other blown vein
& I swear this guy
is draining me dry

the sound of the tubes
filled with me in crimson,
clumpy form sicken me

we have ourselves a tired driver
for the short haul home, & a ‘scrip
that will take days to fill,
& by the time I swallow it down
it will be useless

we have ourselves a quick trip,
    a “good thing it wasn’t a
    real emergency”

stack of wasted trees for the file,

     a deep, painful breath
of relief

(January 20, 2022)

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


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