Just underneath the surface of my shame,
I can feel a pulse nibbling

Yes, life eats at me
Raw, difficult to digest

I am an anomaly in the process,
I am a diseased mark on my name

I sleep on shoulders for I
am a burden to endure

I am filled with boulders,
yet I stay afloat

The water is pure,
so it rejects me,

lukewarm & unsure,
I am spit out

from a mouth of venom,
& beneath a death shroud,

a premonition,
I become a free-spirited woman’s

product of prophecy,
& I spend my life

trying to shed her skin,
but her sin won’t leave me

(June, 2018)

Photo by Matias Dubini on Unsplash

Published by Jennifer Patino


26 thoughts on “Origin

  1. “but her skin won’t leave me” – triumph, presumably the same skin (‘surface’) under which you can feel the pulse at the beginning of the poem, suggesting a circularity to the poem beginning and ending with the skin which boundarys ‘you’ and the ‘you’ that outside lets you be (or maybe even a moebius-stripularity of the poem which displays the hu-womanility underneath despite the skin; as someone else commented above, a pulse reminiscent of ‘Ariel’

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  2. This is a very strong poem Jen! Each stanza is powerful on its own with clear imagery, and together they build in a satisfying way.

    I love the line break after :I become a free-spirited woman(‘s), followed by product of prophecy. I love how the lines twist the meaning there.

    The whole poem works well and it’s very affecting! Great work!

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