Nude Ghoul

Nude Ghoul

Woman #3’s lines
were blasphemous,
an unlucky first role
where she attempted
to put to death
a friend of Christ

Once she played a pollutant
for a PSA about global warming
& everyone complained
about the cold
& made jokes

Two roles as
two different angels
One sang as the spirit
of Christmas,
the other
was a silent member
of the chorus
with a tinsel & coat hanger
halo tearing out
chunks of her hair
during rehearsal dinner

Church ladies
that she “needs a slip”
“you can see right through
the fabric”

Her name was
made famous by someone
more blonde & more willing
to cry on command

She wrote an after school special
once that took off in
small towns but gained
no traction
beyond the 50s diner
dream sequence
that no one

This next gig is top billing,
& she bought that lie,
drooling, chewing
blood capsules
that tasted like synthetic
leather, breast pain
apparent to all,
gnawing on calf’s liver,

freezing again
on a rare cold night in LA

The sky can’t be seen anymore,
but she’ll tell everyone
she’s a star now

That her name is written
up there,
where it matters

Published by Jennifer Patino


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