Along the amber-
tinted beach shore,
just after sunrise,
July sky streaked in orange

I walk slowly,
collecting jagged
seashell thoughts,
skipping reverie rocks,
and getting lost
in the cyclic ripples

Soon come
the scrambling crabs
all a-skittle,
whooping cranes
feasting on oyster flesh,
gulls swooping,
scavenging for their vittles

I hunger for the cooling waves,
the rush and the hush
as I cast earthly cares away

Restless in the planted sand,
surrounding tourists awaken,
aroused by the sound
of the blessed water bound

I sojourn on
inhaling bliss,
whispering to the starfish
my secret wish

For fins, gills, a tail, or
a set of gossamer wings
to never have to leave all this
To become the wind
in my stationed sail,
be consumed by the oceanic

Instead, with dread,
I return to the city
with its deafening static,
and leave behind my everything

My gritty imprinted hand
fading with the hours
in the ever-eroding sand

Image by seth0s from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


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