I’m Looking Too Far Back

I’m Looking Too Far Back

Back to lilacs
and grapevines,
       an entwined seat
       fit for the little queen
       in a dandelion crown.

Curled stems, split
and dipped in
rain water.
In the pink plastic pail
at the end
of the driveway,
stones and acorns
soak, sky reflections

She swings and
sings to the bumblebees,
sees the veins through the
leaves when the sun
peeks out, thinks
of the heart blood
of the Earth;

Of the mother so giving
whose eyes are everywhere,
smiling in the soil,
on wing, in bird calls,
in a tiny one’s

I’m here in the same reverie,
much grown, bigger tears
dropping in different soil,
dancing on a wing,
mimicking those
forgotten bird sounds
       as the heart
       of this mother,
that sacred drum beat,
           and fades
                   and fades.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Published by Jennifer Patino


32 thoughts on “I’m Looking Too Far Back

  1. This poem, to me, reflects both happiness and sadness. The childhood part of it is so sweet, and it also has lovely sound. The last paragraph has a melancholic feel to it. Though, I must say, that the poem coheres wonderfully, and is beautiful!

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