Poetry: “Weaver” & “Ritual”



like the dark times
when you’re watching yourself

and we can hear the echoes
of every mean girl who told

us to watch it
oh, we watch it

we watch who’s watching
and we watch ourselves

watching ourselves
washing ourselves

this is how we strategize
this is how we build ranks


changing shapes
shifting views

soar high
toward the sun
like a kingly eagle
swoop low
in the cold of night
like a wise owl

a little hubris
is harmless

it’s what they say
to encourage you

little bird,
they lie
they lie


advisers say
make a name for myself

I killed to
take a name for myself


partnerships disintegrate
co-conspirator to nemesis

in an instance
in a squeeze of fate

under heel
thorns dominate


sibling rivalry
stronger when it’s sisterly

everything was a contest

not just the spinning,
the sinning

cobwebs, cocoons, webs, sinew

tapestries we’ll keep
weaving ourselves in


Renegade ritual

dry roots in dirty pockets
for luck, love, and low self esteem

make a tea, make a hex bag,
make medicine, make amends,
make magic out of mother’s herbs

These two poems were written in the summer of 2017 as part of my “Athena” collection.

Image by Petra from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


23 thoughts on “Poetry: “Weaver” & “Ritual”

  1. These poems are wonderful Jennifer! ‘Weaver’ is mesmerising with its repetition of words, its sound! Love the way the sentences make meaning, and convey what you’re saying! This is what good poetry is all about!

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