NaPoWriMo 2023 — Day 4: “I Don’t Know What This Is”

4. I Don’t Know What This Is

I pen letters through
a migraine aura.   Embrace
insomnia in a half-hug.
The wind keeps me awake,
winter crying as it leaves.
The body believes
that it’s raining outside.

                     It tells me
that it’s not a killer, but
every bone lies.

I have an eyelash
of a nightmare in my eye
& I want to dream of a
Quiet City,
but the bed of nails
is unkind.

POV change:  you’re 20 years old
at a Thursday basement show

in New Brunswick, New Jersey

This is no longer a poem.
This is an unsent owl call.
All the wise ones are dead.
The ones
who weren’t afraid to bleed.

It’s true, that the night
never ends. But we’re
so spoiled. All of our
best moments are a push
of a button away.

Nostalgia sometimes
feels like a disease.
And the sudden onslaught
of distant imagery
can feel like a boot kick
to the head.

Photo by Jackson Patino

Published by Jennifer Patino


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