NaPoWriMo 2023 — Day 12: “I Listen Until I Truly Hear It”

12. I Listen Until I Truly Hear It

Today I strip the energy
away from the weights
that limit me.     I find
freedom in the songs
of an old man in grief,
let his music drip
into my ears
like cooling rain.

I find myself singing
back, in a trance,
because an unconscious
part of me
knows the lyrics
to all I’ve never heard.

His voice through
the speaker crackles,
but feels not so distant.
Spirits can connect through
uncomplicated means
once we set the barrier
of worry aside.

I want my lines
to sing again.     I
want goodness
to fill my liminality.
I want the dizzying
sensation of
synchronistic synergies
to greet me each
waking day.

I want to squeeze
his hand through
the worst of it,
and to have him know
that I am listening.
That I am hearing

That I am touched.
Focused on the
beauty lying
on the fringes
of the deepest loss.

When the record ends,
I’ll play it again.
Let it imprint.
Let it become
a restored piece of my soul

Image by Kai Pilger from Pixabay

Published by Jennifer Patino


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