#NaPoWriMo: Day 20


Once I attempted to rescue you
from the Underworld.

Your father’s armies
stormed after me,

so I fought
tooth & rusted nail,

scraped & bleeding,
proving myself

& my undying love.
Never question

me beneath moonlight,
or in the throes of battle.

Never doubt my devotion
to your eternal happiness.

Darling, you’re burning
in the sunlight & I

am a fraction of a minute
too late to avenge you.

I cast my armor to the sea,
weep openly, bare myself

raw to my men
to encourage an uprising,

to form pawns
for my own revenge.

I taste the dregs of hell
as each dawn rises.

I hear your song of freedom
in the closing of each day.

I seek solace in my schemes,
peace in my plotting,

clutching your memory
like a sword in my failed hands.

With your name upon my lips,
I face the fire & make my last stand.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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