I Have No Enemies to Wish This Upon Anyway

I Have No Enemies to Wish This Upon Anyway

When I was in

the state of erosion —

the daylight

peeling me like a fruit,

tiny sparklers

beneath one skin layer,

surface skimming,

dusted sand

upon my body,

nothing too deep

or heavy,

just a gradual

wearing away —

things were okay

This next phase,

this cruel corrosion,

it rots me from within,

conceals me

underneath layers

of lightning storms,

reveals me

in a grimace

I can’t keep from my


            ( "can't feel my face..." )

Losing vision,


strength in

fingers and hands

        ( "you were fine the other day, I don't

         understand" )

The race is over,

I barely made it

past the starting line,

and I won’t cry

because that’s tiring

I won’t complain,

there is no good use,

I’ll be fine

I’m lying,

I’m lying,

and we’re all dying

in our own ways,

so there is no loneliness

in this, not really

Some go too soon,

some forever stay




in my DNA,

they’re smoothing me away

Published by Jennifer Patino