Hello, 37: A Birthday Poem

“Wake up, Number 37…”

Hello, 37

Crossed a few chasms
to get here, arriving
tired after overworking,
but only in dreams

This year most of
the world walked
a bit in my
self-isolation moccasins

only to grow bored,
burst out of their
pain cages, while I
reinforced mine with stone

We’re all still carrying it
with us, spreading it,
believe me, there are
more than just viruses

floating around;
There’s death
on every corner
and I can’t get out

to tiptoe around it,
I just watch from
various windows,
light candles, cry

Yes, I’m broken,
but my pieces
still pray, my bones
keep urging me

to go on, read
about relocation
until the pangs
of homesickness kick in,

keep aware, (believe me,
I cannot escape this,
I keep trying to just
shut off) keep busy

I cling to the voices
of my brothers and
sisters while others
mourn their brothers

and sisters and I
want to hold them all
but I’m too weak,
and for this I’m sorry,

so sorry for my
labeled as products
of negative thinking,

for my warnings,
because God help me,
I didn’t want to be right,
I never want to be right

Believe me, I’m incapable
of lying, and I’m hurting,
but still growing, and
at every age, aren’t we all?

Change happens every single
day and if the odds aren’t
in our favor there will
always be another chance

Today’s another day,
and I can’t bring myself
to celebrate, but I do not
despair my own life

I’m thankful to have it,
and if the end is near,
so be it, I’ll have lived
it the best that I could

Note: It’s been a tradition of mine to write a poem every birthday. I feel like they get sadder & sadder every year, but I can’t help but write what’s in my heart. I’m going to have a good day regardless of everything just like I’ve looked for at least one good thing in every day through everything for the past 12 years. Hello, 37. What do you have for me next?

Published by Jennifer Patino


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