New Poem: “You Wanna Talk?” + Update

Check out my poem “You Wanna Talk?” featured on A Cornered Gurl over on Medium! I’m honored to be a part of such an awesome online publication. Do read the other fantastic posts on ACG while you’re visiting. There are some amazing writers there. Thanks so much to @trEisthename. (Follow her on Twitter, she’s awesome!)

I’ve been on Medium for awhile as a reader, and I think I’ll start posting some poetry over there too as well as here on the blog to reach a wider audience. So feel free to follow me if you’re on Medium too.

Also, I’ve been reading some micropoems and sharing lines from works in progress over on TikTok so check it out if you have it. I’m @prettykooldame over there.

I’m really excited about all of the publishing acceptances I’ve had lately and hope to submit more in the future. My health isn’t doing so well. The summer symptoms have started and my mental health is suffering so I’m getting hit with a double whammy. I’m doing my best though. I rest a lot even though it might seem like I’ve been really busy. I have been able to focus on reading more so that’s been helping me keep my mind from wandering into dark territory. Also, there’s a Babysitters Club reboot on Netflix and that makes me smile and cry when appropriate. It makes me want to read all the books in the series that I haven’t yet. I heard that they’re all in ebook form now so that’s great since my mission to try to hunt down all the original paperbacks has been unsuccessful over the past few years. Occasionally I get lucky in a used bookstore somewhere. The last time I visited Michigan I found a lot!

I’ve been asked about Part 2 of the Jem blog and yes I still plan on writing it, I am just having trouble getting through Season 2. I started to get really annoyed with a lot of things in it and then other days I was just like “I am not feeling very glitter-y or glamour-y today. I can’t do Jem.” It will happen. I’m committed. I just need to get out of my funk, so please, bear with me.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone! Thanks for all of your support. ❤

Published by Jennifer Patino