#OctPoWriMo Day 22


we were once sisters
who bled for secrets,
ginger & spice
in black boots
& pea coats

afloat in a churning
sea, coasting on waves
of unrestrained misery

the tide that took
you away had a
street name,
you were coded
with the same curse
that plagued the
crystal girls, yet
you were opaque,
blackened glass
no one could
reach or breach

I still write you
& shudder at the
thought of a reply,
ruminating on our
promise to stay
clasped together
or die

on starless nights
I think I hear
you begging the
city to take you
to its highest
height & I can’t
win in the fight
for dominance,
your cold love
dependence is
looking more

with every unanswered
letter, I remember
you better, I hear
your laughter sync
with mine,
I hear you telling me
that everything
is fine

Published by Jennifer Patino


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