Winter Girl

Winter Girl

California once housed
a winter girl

Ash dusted, soot spinning,
orange & nuclear green
sunsets & a beaded screen
where December is a
distant glitter glow
littering a dance floor

Nancy Sinatra boots
point home

up, up, & away

They say the sky
is thinner from that high

Bangles jangling, movement to
a B-side underground groove
on this pseudo-island of love

Spotlights drowning the starlight above,
the heartbeat of the valley croons

She finds
she craves the cold, sells desert ware
for a way back to snowflake
& ice covered hair, wants to
trade in the West for a flight home
& an escape from heartbreak

Wants to leave
the canyon spirits behind,
with the City of Snow Angels
staying emblazoned
forever in her frozen mind

Published by Jennifer Patino