Scrolling Through Social Media in January

Scrolling Through Social Media in January

if this were written in the past
it would be the groovy kind
of dystopian fiction.

a zine title. future volume.
they’re only going to
keep turning it up

no matter how many
masked faces are filtered
beyond recognition.

so many new yous.
come March, the new yous
will return to the cocoons

of the old yous,
broken butterflies.
don’t feel deflated.

I always love you
just as you are.
so be. so be it.

we are in all caps
this year: we are

we’re still waiting
for the better days.
we’re still seeing glimmers.

the new yous
still look like the old yous,
but with positive attitudes.

[no, see, the vibe is
we want to be negative.
negatives are the new pandemic.]

reminders of the present
popping party balloons
with a fresh death toll.

no. refresh. no.
I have a headache
with a thousand different names.

refresh. I feel refreshed
the moment I see
blurred “bad photos”

& an unwashed face
first thing in
the morning.

I want to see which
birds have been nesting
in your uncombed hair.

stop tweeting. grow
wings. fly away
from the feeding

feeder feeds. I promise
that tomorrow the sun
will most likely

look the same. same
as last year’s. same
as that prophetic dream

you tried to forget.
we sleep in déjà vu.
wake up in the middle of it.


keeping it fresh.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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