ā€œWill you plug this in for me?ā€
An electric hum muffles your reply,
a distracting symphony.
What of madness and
feminine energy? Your labels
and judgments have over-
affected me.

A spark of synchronicity,
underlying electricity,
lightning in a heart-shaped
bottle, empty. Shattered
chartreuse sea-glass
tossed into tourmaline infinity.

The stars shine for me.
I notice them when they fall,
when they’re escaping, when
they’re free.

They say their way is a cure
for me. I turn a blind eye
to conformity,
and then I finally see
there is no such thing as
finality, when things
change, in a flash, so

I’m powered on
under a fog, discreetly.
In one flick of a switch,
I’ll be transformed completely.

(December, 2017)

Note: I’m very happy to let everyone know my husband is home from the hospital. He is still recovering, but at least he is more comfortable here. Thanks everyone for all your love, prayers, & support during this time. ā¤

Published by Jennifer Patino


12 thoughts on “Shock

  1. A poem from another time but wow, how it resonates. The healing thoughts are still coming! So glad he can heal at home where the energy is the strongest.

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