Warp Zone

Warp Zone


sea foam headphones

you put on me,

in that place

I was placed


you called

& said

you’d come & see me

in the last visiting hour

little mercies

in the jangling

of a different set of keys,

the door is in place:

bent wood

barely protecting

a sliver of

a dead face


time traveler,

inquisitive castaway

on your exotic island

you press pomegranate lips

& silk gloved fingertips

against my chains

set me free


teleport me to new terrain


the noisy bus,

a laser light show,

a neon epileptic nightmare

you carried me like

smog blanketing the city

with precious hands

of understanding

& patience,

of transcendent love

the morning

arrived too soon

under ceiling of ember

floor littered with ash,

off balance,

a skewed equinox

Earth tilting

in our favor

for once


We cover up our reflections in this house.     The winding walls hold the memories of millions of tear-drenched shards.      All

the clocks are drawn by hand,           but their off-kilter faces

         never smile.

Published by Jennifer Patino


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