Spring Training

Spring Training

You fell in love with someone
less wordy while I burned
old diaries
& thought of the feel of your hair
as the pages curled.

I plucked out your eyelashes
to make a paintbrush with
& colored outside
the lines of our beautiful home.

I listened to recordings of your
voice on splintered cassette tapes
just to trigger a decent dream.

I replayed your forbidden
declarations to chase
the spectre away from my doorway.

He looked so much like you
that I forgot to be afraid.

I’ll rename your sun & curse it
like summertime. Triple temperature
terrorist, take your trembling lip
to your new goddess. Tell her I
said hello.

I’ll feel your palm sting my face
when baseball season starts.
Remember straddling you
in third baseline seats after
a foul ball nearly killed me.
A fifth of whiskey hidden
in your sock. A floodlight
gleam in my naive eye.

You captured my bruises
& I feel sick when I think
of how I begged for them back
on your front door stoop.
How I busted my heel
on your back porch
scratching at your lock
at 4 AM.

You said I could have tasted
a bullet, but all I swallowed were my tears

I’m still scraping myself
from the wheels of the bus
you threw me under.
I’ve resigned as your mistress
& I demand no recompense.

I’ll answer any question
asked about you now,
but only under extreme duress.

(February 17, 2022)

Published by Jennifer Patino


33 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. What a beautiful and strong poem Jennifer! It’s amazing how these early loves can still make us feel such strong emotions. I really do think that they shape the way we love in the present. They really are like spectres haunting us.

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