it seems we’re floating

       in barometric confusion

while the bruised sky

seems closer than it’s ever been

                cinnamon wind teases nostalgia,

leaves the desert in leaf-littered ruin,

        bring forth thy rampage,

   swollen summer assault

it seems we’ve lived this day before,

     number combinations,    valid subscriptions,

making a bed out of outdated periodicals,

         warming by blazing paper cuts

          keep the revolving door shut,    cringe at

   every meteorological mood meter reading,

douse the fire with napalm,     sunbathe

     it seems this is waking life:smell of skin tinge embers

     mark the wall calendar with survival ticks,

glue your heavy head back on with local honey,

     turn the clocks ahead early

to possibly          rush this hell while the breeze is still blowing

(April, 2019)

Published by Jennifer Patino


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