A Dream of a Shepherd

A Dream of a Shepherd

I saw a sheep man
Unsure of how to hold
His staff of St. Patrick

The field where he stood in confusion
Was familiar in its unnatural
Greenness, an emerald of dreams

Smeared clouds were corralled
By a solitary tear shed
From this shepherd’s fatherland

A dabble of yellow
A small wildflower patch
Luring the eye to the beauty

Of the cozy picnic spot
Where an old woman committed
The crime of an illicit tryst

An art form of the easier ages
Gone, her laurel in the wind
Returning now as a haunting

This lonely field
With its stormy bleating
Settling in the pit of his belly

He bellowed toward the mountains,
Kings that hid his mother
And his burden of disappointment

His regret was drifting from him,
All his lost ones
So he abandoned the staff,

The responsibility and shame
As the sheep dissipated
And rain finally satiated the petals

Image by Thanasis Papazacharias from Pixabay 

Published by Jennifer Patino


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