I await the midnight message

Cunning raven, sing for me:
Tell me of forgotten lore,
Grant me wisdom in recollected forms

I always say to avoid the day;
The brightness outside blinds all to debris,
to the collapse and to the decay

The aching and tender absence of you,
the silencing of your song of truth

An eclipse should bring you out
of your twilight haze,
I can hide you until dawn breaks

Your night sky eyes are much sharper than mine,
they highlight the magic and natural beauty
of all that I once cast aside

Moon shine upon this freeing scene
highlights our way to the in-between

I listen for a feather-rustle, a cricket crooning,
a night owl, a ghostly wolf howl

I await my calling,
the fulfillment of my longing


Photo by Levent Simsek

Published by Jennifer Patino


21 thoughts on “Awaiting

  1. There was someone on Twitter recently being talked out of rhyming her poems. I wish she’d seen ‘Awaiting.’ It would have inspired her. Your language here is so natural and the whole thing songlike.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t understand the current issues people seem to have with rhyming. I’m a fan of both forms. I set out not to rhyme sometimes and it will just happen. I hope your friend writes what feels best for her.

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