Dream Vacation

Dream Vacation

Visitors approaching
a new Paradise—
A captive place
previously kept
to dreams—

are watched by
in pastel paisley
floral hideaways,

Preparing for a docking
while island beauties
take flight.

For Petite Pen
Painting by Julia Rigby

Published by Jennifer Patino


33 thoughts on “Dream Vacation

  1. Run for your life. The tourists are here. They ruin everything don’t they. Love the satire expressed by captive (instead of captivating), kept, take flight. Preparing for a docking sounds ominous too. Well written Jennifer!

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  2. Thank you for making me feel less weird about finding our local botanical gardens’ annual butterfly exhibition in the conservatory an existential horror. 😬

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  3. This poem perfectly captures the spirit of a Caribbean vacation. I particularly like the ‘pastel paisleys’ which captures the spirit of a tourist. Thank you so much for writing alongside me to this image.

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